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Product Designer
Interaction Designer
Brand Strategist
Off-Trail is an online database providing information and inspiration on hikes, viewpoints, and experiences throughout the US. This brand was born out of personal frustration with the currently available resources. Off-Trail is a no B.S. platform to find unbiased recommendations without having to read through paragraphs of content to find the information you need.
Everything about the hike/viewpoint/experience page is designed to elevate content navigation. Users looking for just trailhead coordinates or hike stats can find them immediately. However, if users want a more exploratory experience there are plenty of opt in interactions to dive deeper into the content they are most interested in.
Off Trail is very new to the internet and still has a ways to go in regards to content creation before it provides significant value to site visitors, but we are adding in new content regularly and are looking to partner with more content creators to help build out a robust library. If you are interested in helping or just want to follow along for the journey drop us an email or follow OffTrail on Instagram for regularly added content.