Rescue Agency
UX Designer
Interaction Designer
Brand Strategist
During my tenure at Rescue, I worked on numerous projects across a wide spectrum of brands and target demographics. We used a heavily staffed in house research department to optimally influence healthy behavior changes in niche populations. Through user data analytics, topic research, and audience insights we were able to develop tailored behavior change campaigns that were the most effective in our industry.
We partnered with the Colorado health department to build healthier eating habits. We primarily focused on providing healthy alternatives to common poor dietary choices and simple improvements to help build momentum towards healthier lifestyle choices.
Hustle & Strive was developed to test preliminary research findings showing that inner city teens in Virginia are less likely to pick up drugs and alcohol if they are motivated to achieve any personally set goals and demonstrate strong social and emotional awareness. From this, we created a free online resource aimed at bolstering these traits in at risk teens.
Outlast was our most targeted niche with the smallest budget. The goal was to provide interactive digital content to help mitigate page drop off as we were unable to do any of the typical campaigns we were accustomed to creating.